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Wait a minute...this doesn't look like the Project Wizard I'm used to!

Don't worry...you're not lost. Our long-term vision for the Project Wizard was always that it would be a place that ANYONE could find all kinds of projects to make, and find local shops to cut them (read about it in the PW blog).

As the 100kGarages project evolved we realized that it had the potential to fulfill that vision, and that there was no point in having 2 separate places for people to have to log in and keep track of. So we've merged the Project Wizard with 100kGarages, to make things simpler for everyone.

Along with many others you'll find almost all of your favorite Project Wizard projects, like the ShopBot sawhorses and QuickLap canoe, in the 100kGarages Design section, and the rest will be added soon. You don't need to register, purchase, or do anything to download projects.... they're all available here for free.

So please explore around the Designs section or go to the 100kGarages home page to see what 100kGarages is all about. We're sure you'll find all the 100kGarages resources interesting and helpful.

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